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Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA offers cat declawing services for Orange County pets. Our veterinary care team believes that cat declawing is a personal choice that every pet owner should make after careful reflection on what is best for their family and their pet. Our animal hospital provides cat owners with pet declawing services that are safe, legal and as comfortable as possible for the cat.

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Orange County Pet Declawing: Understanding Your Options

Our Laguna Hills veterinarian understands that as a pet owner, you want to put your cat’s well-being first, while also balancing the needs of your family. In some cases, declawing is the best choice for you, your cat and your family. This is a very personal choice that should not be taken lightly. Unlikely nail clipping, declawing is a permanent and irreversible decision; your cat’s claws will not “grow back” over time as a clipped nail will. Following declawing, your cat must remain indoors at all times since his primary defense mechanism (claws) will no longer be available.

If you are considering declawing, our animal hospital requests that you first speak with our veterinarian to be sure that this is the best decision for your cat. In some cases, less invasive and gentler options may be available. For example, if your cat is routinely clawing the furniture, keeping your cat’s nails trimmed and using “soft claws” may help rectify this problem. Soft claws are attached monthly with surgical glue to keep your cat from damaging furniture or scratching family members.

Please remember that all cats have an innate need to scratch. If your cat is damaging furniture, then providing your cat with a variety of different scratching pads may help best address this problem. Providing cats with scratching pads gives them a safe and positive outlet for channeling this biological need.

In some cases, however, declawing is the best option for your cat’s health and your family’s well-being. For example, if your cat develops a life-threatening tumor under the nail bed, then declawing may be the only option to save your pet’s life. In other cases, a family member may have a bleeding disorder or other health problem that could lead to life-threatening complications should this individual be scratched. When faced with the choice of giving up your cat to a shelter, putting your cat to sleep, or declawing your cat, our veterinarian will support your decision to choose pet declawing.

If you are considering pet declawing, please contact our veterinary hospital to learn more about this service.


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