Laser Declawing

Laser Cat Declawing Surgery with Our Veterinarian in Laguna Nigel

Have you always wanted a feline friend as the family pet, but worried they may ruin your furniture and rugs or even injure someone? Our Laguna Hills veterinarian provides safe, laser cat declawing at our pet surgery facilities in addition to our non-surgical options. This advanced form of cat declawing offers an approach that is associated with less pain that traditional declawing, and your beloved cat can also enjoy a faster recovery. Our caring doctor will help you decide if laser declawing is appropriate for your cat.

What to Expect When Having Your Cat Laser Declawed With Our Laguna Hills Veterinarian

Our experienced veterinarian can perform laser cat declawing for pets as young as three months, when your cat is approximately 4-5 pounds. While we can declaw older cats, we suggest declawing your pet at a younger age. For cats of all ages, our staff is happy to provide consultation to help you decide if laser declawing surgery the best option for you and your cat. If your cat is clawing furniture and rugs, for instance, we may be able to trim the nails and apply "soft claws" as an alternative to surgery. Soft claws are made of non-toxic materials that are safe for your cat and can be reapplied as necessary each month in our office.

There are also lifestyle considerations to evaluate before deciding on laser cat declawing. If you have an outdoor cat, declawing may present lifestyle challenges for your pet and family. Following laser declawing, your pet must remain indoors at all times. Once claws have been removed, so has your cat’s primal defense mechanism.

Laser cat declawing is different than traditional declawing practices. Rather than the veterinarian cutting with a scalpel, a beam of light is used to cut through the tissue. While the laser is severing the tissue, it is also cauterizing it at the same time. This method of declawing tends to reduce bleeding and inflammation following surgery, and is also associated with less pain. 

Our veterinary staff will counsel you on how to best help your cat recover following laser declaw surgery, as well as how to spot signs that your pet may need a follow up visit. 


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