Pet Diabetes

Trinity Pet Hospital Offers Treatment of Pet Diabetes

Diabetes can occur in cats and dogs, just as it does in humans. The problem lies in the pancreas that fails to produce the insulin needed to remove glucose from the body. Without treatment, diabetes can be a life-threatening disease. However, your pet can live an active, healthy life with medications and changes in lifestyle. At Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA, we provide careful monitoring and treatment of pets with diabetes.

Trinity Pet Hospital Offers Treatment of Pet Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes in Pets

Like humans, cats and dogs have an area in the pancreas that produces the hormone, insulin. This hormone is critical for removing the glucose that is produced from the consumption of certain foods. When glucose cannot be removed from the body, it builds up in blood vessels and organs, causing damage to these structures. Without treatment, an animal will experience increased heart disease, kidney disease, and other organ dysfunction.

Symptoms of Diabetes

If you notice your pet drinking a great deal of water and needing to urinate frequently, it could be a symptom of diabetes that requires the attention of your vet. Weight loss in spite of increased appetite is also a symptom of diabetes. Some animals may lose their appetites. There may be recurring infections of the urinary tract or the skin. The eyes may appear cloudy. These are signs your pet needs testing for diabetes, to prevent damage to internal organs.

Risk Factors For Diabetes

Obesity is a risk factor in animals, as well as humans. Some breeds of dog are prone to developing diabetes. Increasing weight generally occurs due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Aging also increases the risk of developing diabetes, with animals over the ages of 5 to 7 being at greater risk than young animals. Veterinarians diagnose diabetes in pets through urine and blood tests.

Treatment of Diabetes in Pets

Pets with diabetes are generally given daily injections of insulin, to help their bodies remove excess glucose from the system. The vet will also advise you on diet, to help your pet maintain a healthy weight and avoid glucose-producing foods. Regular exercise is an important part of managing diabetes and ridding the body of excess glucose.

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