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Pet Eye Infections

An eye infection may be a minor nuisance or a grave threat to your pet. In some cases, your pets will merely suffer from some discharge and discomfort for a few days before it clears up. In other cases, an untreated eye infection can cause blindness or other permanent vision problems. If you’re worried about your pet and live in or near Laguna Hills, CA, contact us at Trinity Pet Hospital to speak with our veterinarian.

Pet Eye Infections: What to Keep an Eye On

The most obvious sign of a pet eye infection is simply looking to see if anything noticeable is wrong with your cat, dog, or other pet’s eyes. You may see swelling, redness, discharges, or other problems.

Generally speaking, a clear discharge is caused by viral infections, while yellow or green discharge is often the result of a bacterial infection. Cloudy or yellowish discharges could also be due to dry eye disease.

Discharge isn’t the only sign of a pet eye infection. Changes in your pet’s behavior may also indicate a problem. If your cat, dog, or other pet is constantly pawing at his or her eyes, this could be due to an infection. Worse yet, pawing may cause further damage. Watch to see if your pet is frequently squinting as this may hint at an infection or other vision problem.

As for other physical signs, you can check to see if your pet’s eyelids are swollen. Puffy eyelids may be due to a pet eye infection.

What to Do about a Pet Eye Infection

If your pet is suffering from an eye infection, take him or her to our veterinarian. Once your vet performs a check-up, he or she may prescribe antibiotics, eye drops, or another form of treatment. Generally speaking, your vet must first identify the root cause of the infection. The most common cause of an eye infection is bacteria, but your veterinarian should make the determination.

Contact us at Trinity Pet Hospital if you live in or near Laguna Hills, CA to schedule a pet eye exam!


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